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We help small business owners navigate online technology so they can grow their business, run efficiently, and focus on what’s most important to them.

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My name is Ariel Brandt Lautman. I love helping people make technology work for them. I’ve worked in product development, usability research, and website design and development, and have a Master’s Degree in Information Management from the University of Maryland, College Park

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Lofty Goals Brought Low

Anyone can tell you about the hazards of running a single person business. I set out at the beginning of the year with a number of goals focused on building my business. Not only have I failed to meet that goal, but I spend the past three weeks barely able to check my email. Working for myself means that the buck starts and stops with me, so when I got a particularly nasty cold that turned into bronchitis and a sinus…

Glasses on an open book


Documentation? Borrrrinnnng…. Website documentation seems so boring, right? Like reading the manual for that new device you just bought. I won’t kid you, it is boring. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to read the manual, you just want to start using it. When it comes to a new smart phone, streaming box for your TV, even a new computer, we can all pretty much get away with skipping the manual. But if you’re dropping anywhere from $5-20,000 on a new…


2017 Strategy Week 3 – Working Productively

Last week was  my most productive so far; I completed some work for Shrub District, and started on a new clean up project for another client. I did some networking, and it never fails to surprises me how helpful it can be to just meet people in person and speak with them. Getting to work… I have found it hard to buckle back down and actually do the work once I’ve got it. A month away from accountability can lead…


2017 Strategy Week 2 – Interrogating Your Goals

Week 1 was our set up week. Looking broadly for the big goals, identifying the habits that would help us get there. Week 2 is all about putting it in practice. Setting the intention, following the schedule, and holding myself accountable. Here’s what I expect from myself this week: Update my freelancer profile on Upwork Submit one Upwork proposal Apply for one full time job Reach out within my professional networks for any outstanding RFPs Three of these are good…


2017 Strategy Week 1 – The Tools

I started out this week a small piece of the big picture – what I’m going to do on a daily basis to help me meet my monthly goals. I’ve developed some tools to help with my accountability, and I thought I’d share them here in case others may find them helpful. Daily Outline Do you ever sit down at your desk to find that there are so many different things you can or should be doing that you have…


2017 Strategy Week 1 – What’s Your Strategy?

For small business people the new year can mean a lot of things. For me it’s time to develop my business growth strategy.  Many small businesses and companies don’t do much hiring in November and December, and I went into those months wrapping up with two big clients, so they were pretty lean months for me. So now it’s time to grind on and build back up. I’ve spent this week developing a strategy not just to build my business…


Vendor/ Software Selection

When it comes to business tech, it may seem like the possibilities are endless. This is great when you’re looking for the best solution for your business, but can be daunting when it comes to actually making the selection. We’ll work with you to determine the most important features for your business, the deal breakers, the nice to haves, and what you know you don’t want. Once we’ve settled on those, we’ll do all the research, and present you with…


Web Design

Whether you’ve started a new business and need a website, or you have an established business and you’re looking for a web refresh, we can create a stunning site that will draw your customers in. Guided by principles of Design Thinking we’ll work together to create a web presence that invites your customers to return, to complete a purchase, or to come visit you in person.


Web Usability

Make sure that your website drives the actions you’re looking for. Whether you want your site visitors to buy something, fill out a form, or come visit your brick and mortar location, your site needs to make that experience as friendly and easy as possible. If you’re launching a new site, refreshing an existing site, or trying to determine what to focus on with your site, usability analysis is a great place to start. We’ll use a combination of the…


Technology Strategy

It’s hard to know where to start with tech. If you find that you’re having trouble moving forward because there are just too many choices, it might be time for a technology strategy. Whether you’re just starting your business or trying to take what you have to the next level, We’ll work with you to determine the best way to bring technology into your business, making it work for you. Our technology strategy will consider your current needs as well…


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