Glasses on an open book


Documentation? Borrrrinnnng…. Website documentation seems so boring, right? Like reading the manual for that new device you just bought. I won’t kid you, it is boring. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to read the manual, you just want to start using it. When it comes to a new smart phone, streaming box for your TV, even a new computer, we can all pretty much get away with skipping the manual. But if you’re dropping anywhere from $5-20,000 on a new…

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Small Business Web Design – Shrub District

I just completed a project with an old friend, Don Morton, who recently started a business, Shrub District, making small batch cocktail vinegars. I didn’t know what cocktail vinegars were before I started the project, but I am a convert! Don wanted a clean, simple site that would highlight the product, and with business starting to pick up, he wanted it as quickly as possible. There are a number of different sites that a new small business might need, and it’s important…

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