Make sure that your website drives the actions you’re looking for. Whether you want your site visitors to buy something, fill out a form, or come visit your brick and mortar location, your site needs to make that experience as friendly and easy as possible.

If you’re launching a new site, refreshing an existing site, or trying to determine what to focus on with your site, usability analysis is a great place to start. We’ll use a combination of the following tools to get you on the right path:

  • Task Completion Analysis – New users will be asked to complete “tasks” on your site, listing their steps and answer questions related to each task. This allows us to identify places where something is harder than expected, frustrating, or not intuitive.
  • Workflow Analysis – Users will be asked to complete a sequence of tasks. This allows us to assess the clarity of navigation, language, and calls to action throughout your site.
  • Focus Groups – Not sure why your site visitors aren’t following through? We’ll lead small focus groups with representatives of your potential audience.

We’ll conduct the analysis and provide you with a report of our findings, including straightforward, actionable recommendations.