Last week was  my most productive so far; I completed some work for Shrub District, and started on a new clean up project for another client. I did some networking, and it never fails to surprises me how helpful it can be to just meet people in person and speak with them.

Getting to work…

I have found it hard to buckle back down and actually do the work once I’ve got it. A month away from accountability can lead to bad habits. It seemed especially timely that I found this great overview of some of the Buffer remote team’s productivity habits in my Twitter feed this morning.

What habits do you cultivate to have your most productive days? My alarm goes off at 5:45. If one of my kids has crawled into bed with us before then and is awake, I’ll often use this time to read the morning news and check in on Facebook. If by some miracle my children are both still asleep I will get up and make coffee, review my schedule for the day, and set my intentions. This second way of getting up in the morning is certainly my most productive, but also my least common way of starting my day.

How do you balance the demands of your real life with your goals and your own self-awareness? People talk about being morning people or being night people. I know that I’m most productive in the morning, but I enjoy staying up late. I find the balance, going to sleep usually sometime around 10:30, waking up at 5:45. Of course if I wanted to have my “good” mornings more often I could wake up earlier, but my well being would suffer, having less of the time I enjoy at night, sacrificing it for the productivity of the morning.

What are the tradeoffs you make for productivity? What are the parts of your schedule you protect?